Techne sp. o.o.

We deliver information management tools

We have build TechneSystem - collaborative client-server software platform, working as intranet in companies.

Send informations. Collect and share documents. Use case flow to register and solve issues. Change website content. Create and deliver e-learning courses. Manage personal data.

One login, countless solutions.


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Our services

We deliver and implement TechneSystem

together with:

  • integration with the company's IT systems, e.g. ERP, HR system;
  • building custom software;
  • reinforcement of websites;
  • implement GDPR compliant personal data protection system.

We create e-learning courses:

  • of personal data protection;
  • of e-learning methodology;
  • from any scope on request (from entrusted materials).

We run webservices:

  • – GDPR tools for small businesses;
  • TechneCMS - building and hosting websites.



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What TechneSystem is

Collaborative Platform


osoby siedzące przy komputerach, na obrazku symbole komunikacji, zarzadzania czasem, zarządzania sprawami i e-learningu
osoba pisząca na laptopie, widziana z góry

e-learning software


GDPR Compliance software: DPO Toolbox



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