Techne sp. o.o.

Corporate platform

The corporate portal is internet or intranet service. It enables online work for a lot of users like workers, students, pupils, organisation members and so on. User finds in his environment many tools and solution like:

  • communication like messanger, bulletin board, discussion forums;
  • knowledge management solutions as knowledge base;
  • cases and issues flow system with project solutions;
  • e-learning management system LMS;
  • recruitment for courses and other matters;
  • content management system CMS;
  • customer relationship management CRM;
  • GDPR Compliance support for managing personal data protection;
  • risk management;
  • simple shop for selling courses and other products.

After logging in,, user at a glance, the user checks news, mails mails and messages. Maybe he has received some new issue in the case service system, or has new entries in his calendar.

Then - it depends on circumstances. Perhaps he will start working with the client who's just placed an order or will deal with the issue he has received. He can prepare an advertising campaign using CRM or update the company website in CMS module.

The platform includes an extensive group work system and case handling system. It is also possible to use e-learning for  training or internal presentations.

TechneSystem platform has tools to manage cases from outside and inside the organization (case flow system), plan and supervise the implementation of projects also packages of projects (so-called programs). The appearance of a case in the system, subsequent stages of its implementation, transfer to various people and departments is recorded, in addition, you can settle the time allocated to the implementation of both individual cases and the entire project. Thanks to risk management mechanisms, the organization increases self-awareness of its situation. Diversification of access to the system of circulation of cases and roles performed by individual persons in the system and a wide range of Platform's scope of powers allow for maintaining confidentiality - only authorized persons have access to information.

The Data Protection Offices, uses the ADO panel to control the personal data security management system in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

The user can do all this from the company, from home, from the car. He can use a laptop or a cell phone. We enable full encryption of data transmission, offering a high level of security.

User accounts can be imported from the HR system, thanks to which users can activate themselves. Accounts can be set up by the administrator or if we leave the system open, users can create an account themselves.
The system in full configuration is targeted at medium and large companies and institutions, but it can also be successfully used in any company that appreciates the role of an ordered information system and the ordering role of an IT system. A corporate portal is a tool for any company looking for its place in e-space or wanting to use mechanisms developed on the Internet.