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DPO toolbox

DPO toolbox is a platform configuration specially prepared for the needs of entities dealing professionally with the provision of DPO.

The DPO toolbox allows you to handle many personal data administrators.

For each administrator all the registers can be kept, like:

    • the purposes of data processing,
    • data sets,
    • persons authorized to process personal data,
    • sharing personal data,
    • places where personal data is processed,
    • personal data protection agreements,
    • all categories of data processing 
    • incidents.

Some registers may be created automatically, some must be kept manually. On data can work DPO, his associates and persons authorized to process personal data.

The DPO toolbox can generate an information page for each administrator that can be published on website.

The DPO toolbox is based on the personal data administrator panel. In addition, the platform configuration includes CMS, CRM and e-learning modules. Optionally, the system can be extended with modules supporting project management or surveys, enabling the support of audit activities.

The growing legal requirements imposed on personal data administrators in the area of ​​organization of personal data security cause that outsourcing of tasks of Personal Data Officer (DPO) is becoming an increasingly popular solution.

If any DPO wants to use this solution in their organisation, we suggest configuring the corporate portal containing the personal data administrator panel.