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The educational platform

The educational platform is a tool for the 21st century school. Its flexibility and scalability allow it to be used in any educational institution - from school to university. e-Learning, although crucial for educational institutions, is just one of the many functionalities gathered in a coherent environment. The synergy of platform functionality is its strength.
True, we think that our e-learning is good, but when combined with the other components of the solution, it becomes unrivaled.

"e-School" - this is also what our offer can be called - is one login to all other network services offered by the school (e-mail, library catalog, scientific databases, workstations in computer labs). The platform allows editing websites (CMS) as well as individual users of the platform (mechanism of individual pages). There is a possibility of contact between users, the group work system, including workflow.

The package offered as part of the educational platform must not lack a data protection panel that allows you to manage the organization of the personal data security system  in accordance with the GDPR.

School platform users are of course pupils or students, but they can also be parents who control the progress of their child, thanks to which they become real members of the school's e-community.

The platform also provides a great opportunity to keep in touch with graduates.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module may be a valuable functionality for companies providing training.

The platform gives the opportunity to diversify the teaching process depending on the intended role of the teacher. It allows you to prepare and implement a course based solely on the independent work of the student, as well as a course with the leading role of the teacher working with the student. The course may be limited to one class and group, and may be a reflection of a study program with thousands of subjects and thousands of students.
Depending on the needs, the platform can be used as a repository of teaching materials collected by the teacher for students, as a system controlling the teaching process or as a knowledge control system. It all depends on the needs of the training institution and the teacher's concept.

The flexibility and comprehensiveness of the educational platform, combined with the convenience offered by full administrative support by Techne, make it an interesting offer for all educational institutions.