Techne sp. o.o.

About us

Techne LTD exists since 2017. It is a continuation of the company "Techne" S.C. , established 2000. Our seat is in Lublin, but we work all over Poland. Techne consists of partners - practitioners in the design, creation and implementation of IT systems and co-workers, which allows you to acquire additional competences in the field of e-learning methodology and other additional technologies and experience.

Our main area is the use of IT in business and education. We supply and implement of a company intranet. These experiences allowed us to create proprietary software such as the corporate portal called TechneSystem.

Besides we deal with distance learning, we create websites and portals. Since 2015, we also engage with the protection of personal data in implementation, education and software delivery.

Our software TechneSystem has been created 2003. The first implementation was in 2004. The product is constantly developed. It currently covers almost a complete set of tools to manage information in organizations. In particular it supports organization of management control and the organization of personal data protection.

Since the establishment of the company, we have managed the implementation of several complex IT projects and have build a team of competent colleagues.