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Privacy policy Techne sp.z o.o.
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(hereinafter referred to as Techne)

Techne respects your right to privacy. This policy indicates which personal identification information we may collect for Techne's needs and how we may use such information.

If in doubt about this security policy, please contact us (addressee: 'Security policy').

And Reservations

II User Consent

III Techne's commitments

IV What data is collected and how can it be used?

1) in connection with WEB protocols
2) in connection with "cookie" technology
3) in connection with the informed and voluntary provision of data by the User
4) in connection with the TechneSystem functionalities

V Sharing User Data with Third Parties
VI Data Protection

VII. Change of privacy policy

And Reservations

• This is not an information clause. The exact list of purposes for which personal data are processed results from the nature of the platform and is available to the User in the Profile, in the "My Data" tab. In the same tab we provide information clauses, where the User can read, among others with the legal grounds for the purposes of data processing and with the rights that he has in connection with it.

• The specificity of the TechneSystem platform is related to the storage of information about the User or information related to the User's activity, whose author is the User himself. It is also information directed to him by other Users, which in this way is associated with his person. This information will be called User Content. Depending on the circumstances (e.g. configuration of authorizations) and specific subsystem, User Content may be made available only to the User, selected User groups or all Users of the TechneSystem platform. In any case, User Content is available to TechneSystem system administrators.

Techne provides tools for handling User Content, ensures their correctness and durability at the level of system functions and database relations. Techne is not responsible for the semantic correctness and for the importance of User Content for the User and other Users, for their legality and legality of use. The User posting information is responsible for User Content.

• TechneSystem Websites and User Content may contain links to sites that Techne is not the owner and / or author and / or administrator. Placing the link by Techne may be of an auxiliary nature for the User. Placing a link to pages that are not maintained by Techne is not associated with any relationship between Techne and the authors, administrators and content of the linked pages. Users posting information are responsible for the connections contained in the User Content.

II User Consent

By using TechneSystem, the User accepts the terms of this policy and the regulations of the selected website. By using the website or providing us with personal data during registration in the TechneSystem system, the User accepts the processing of his personal data.

If the User does not agree to the processing of his personal data and / or does not accept the regulations of the selected website and / or this privacy policy, he should refrain from using Techne websites and / or solutions.

Limit znaków: 5000
III Techne's commitments

Techne undertakes:

• ensure all registered Users exercise their rights under the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data - the available options are available in the Profile, in the "My Data" tab.
• process user data only with his explicit or implied knowledge, depending on the relevance of the data, legal requirements and the situational context;
• take appropriate measures to ensure proper protection of your personal data disclosed to another entity providing services for Techne;
• treat User Content as confidential information, this rule does not apply to the TechneSystem demonstration platform;
• collect User's personal data in a manner suitable for the purposes. The information we collect is relevant, relevant, and its scope is not excessive for the purposes for which it is collected, this rule does not apply to User Content;
• process the User's personal data in a way that corresponds to the purposes for which it was originally collected and for which the User has expressed or subsequently agrees;
• take commercially reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is reliable in accordance with its intended use, accurate, complete and, where appropriate, regularly updated (not applicable to User Content);
• not to use the User's personal data for the purposes of direct marketing without enabling the User to decide to "opt out of receiving related shipments".

IV What data is collected and how can it be used?

When the User uses the Techne websites and the TechneSystem system, information about him is collected:
1) in connection with WEB protocols
2) in connection with "cookie" technology
3) in connection with the deliberate provision of data by the User
4) in connection with the TechneSystem functionalities
1. In connection with Web protocols

Techne collects information about the User sent by his Web browser. This information depends on the user's browser configuration and usually includes the IP address, operating system name and browser name and version.
Information provided by the User's browser, if treated independently, does not allow for its identification. In some cases, the information sent by the web browser enables the User to be identified.
We use the information collected in this way to obtain statistical data that helps us develop our websites and systems and provide technical support.

2. In connection with the cookie technology

Techne solutions use session and in exceptional cases permanent "cookies", i.e. text files saved on the User's computer, identifying him in a way necessary to enable some operations. Cookies are used, among others, to remember the data necessary to log in by the User. The user decides whether or not he wants to receive a "cookie", he can also make a decision each time - it depends on the configuration of his browser. Not accepting "cookies" by the User's browser may result in partial or total loss of functionality of Techne solutions that use this technology to ensure the User's session work. "Cookies" do not contain data that personally identifies.
3. In connection with the deliberate provision of data by the User.

Techne collects information that the user knowingly provides when using the TechneSystem. This may be related to the implementation of the contract between the user and Techne - in this situation, providing data may condition access to the service or the possibility of providing it. Frequently collected information is personal data. Techne uses such information, among other things, to identify the user - it results from the nature of the solution and the specificity of a particular implementation. For example, when registering on the demo platform, the required registration details include: name, surname, e-mail address, account name and password.
While working on the TechneSystem platform, the user has the option of expanding information about himself contained in the User profile and User Content depending on the circumstances and the nature of the specific solution.


We may use the information we collect through TechneSystem websites and systems for a variety of purposes related to business operations, such as customer service, fraud prevention, market research, improving our products and services, and providing you and his company with information and offers that our opinions may interest them. We can also delete any personal identification data (anonymization of data) and use the rest for historical, statistical or scientific purposes. However, in such situations, we always comply with applicable regulations, the content of the contract concluded with the User and the regulations of a particular website.
4. In connection with the TechneSystem system functionalities

TechneSystem internet platform is, among others, a group work system based on a database. The data collected in it is almost always associated with the activities of Platform Users leading to the creation of User Content and only in exceptional cases (e.g. results of anonymous surveys) can not be associated with a specific User. Additionally, Users' activity in TechneSystem is registered (e.g. date of last login, how much time the User used TechneSystem). The type and legitimacy of information stored in individual TechneSystem instances depend on the nature of the system.

V Sharing User Data with Third Parties

• Techne does not sell or transfer personal data collected through its websites and online systems to mailing list brokers or entities building a data warehouse to profile network users.
• Techne may disclose the User's personal data to other entities to whom it outsources services. Such entities are required to use personal data that we provide to them only for the purpose of performing services commissioned by us or performed on our behalf, and to treat User's personal data as strictly confidential.
• Techne may disclose your personal data to third parties with whom it cooperates in providing products and services to our clients. In this situation, we oblige our partners to use the personal data we provide to them in a manner consistent with the purposes for which they were collected and for which the User has consented only in the manner permitted by this policy, all applicable laws on privacy and the protection of personal data .
• In certain circumstances, we may disclose or transfer personal data to unrelated third parties (e.g. as a result of legal requirements or a court order). Personal data may be disclosed to entities authorized under applicable law in the event of a violation of Techne's rights or other actions to its detriment.

VI Data Protection

Users 'personal data and Users' Content are stored in a database that uses technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of processed data in accordance with the requirements set out in the provisions on the protection of personal data.
Techne maintains appropriate safeguards to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the User's personal data and User's Content. We use SSL technology to encrypt all connections to each instance of the TechneSystem platform. Users' passwords are not stored, only the hash function is stored and processed.

We point out, however, that information security is a very complex matter and Techne is not responsible for its breach, as long as it is beyond our control (an example may be a security breach resulting from the interception of a User's password by third parties as a result of using a keylogger).

VII. Change of User Data

The user has the right to view, correct and update personal data that he provides to us via TechneSystem websites. To do this, select the profile -> Personal Data option.
Changing the User's email address is only possible by TechneSystem Administrators, after prior contact.

VIII Change of privacy policy

Techne reserves the right to update or modify this Policy at any time and without prior notice by placing a revised version of this Policy on its websites.

Author: Robert Toruj
Last update: 2019-06-30 17:47