Techne sp. o.o.

How can we help you?

TechneSystem can be compared to a multi-purpose machine hall. We have many tools, some ideas and the final product is determined by customer.

Our role is to configure the Platform to help achieve the client's business goal.


Below are examples of areas where the TechneSystem Platform can help:

  • broaden the school's teaching formula;
  • build a training offer based on e-learning;
  • run a program of Continuing Professional Education;
  • conduct evaluation of didactics and classes;
  • conduct complex surveys;
  • train employees through e-learning;
  • improve the operation of the website 
  • improve customer service;
  • improve communication with clients or inside the company;
  • meet the requirements for the protection of personal data GDPR-compliant
  • manage incidents and violations;
  • risk management;
  • manage knowledge 
  • monitor cases within the organization;
  • build a closed company information system;
  • register and present museum and collection resources on websites.


These are just sample application areas - the list is not closed.


We use our own hardware infrastructure or develop the client’s infrastructure. We do the same in organizational and human resources.

We like to show you our open demo platform. Just register, it is free and look around. In any case do not hesitate  ask questions.